December 22, 2009

Pic of kitchenKitchen in for Christmas

Made it, almost! Once the heating system was operational it was a take no prisoners battle to dry out our estrich. We rented dryers that likely did very little in comparison to ventilating the house often. I worked diligently to find out the particulars of the estrich and convince our tile setter friend that he could start me on the tiling. With the tiling finished it was just a matter of the mounting of the kitchen. You can help the kitchen installers out a little if you silicon the crack at the edge of your tile against the wall. This is done in the case water should drip from your cupboards onto the floor. Let them finish the last few centimeters that your cupboards may or may not cover. You will want to finish your base trim and silicon up to the cupboards once they are in place.

There was a problem with the planning so our counter tops would not be ready. They offered to install the sink and stove temporarily so our kitchen would be operational.

March 7, 2010

Pic of Kitchen finishedKitchen now finished

It took the company Küchenzentrum Marchtal GmbH till now to finish the kitchen. Someone lost the supports for the wide peninsula counter top and the replacements if the same, are not quite a matching optic with the rest of the kitchen. All in all once finished it looks good.

Pic of finished KitchenJust grows on you!

This is a first time for myself. The counter top is made of stone and the sink is recessed into the stone. It does cost a little more to do this but it is worth it. Almost every day as I work in the kitchen ;-) or am just pasing by, I am thankful we had the sink recessed.

Our boys are also often attracted to the sink. Water fights, ship testing and waterfall experiments are amoung the events that take place here and the clean-up is always easy. Do yourself the favour!

Closing Tips

Pic of the company kitchen studio SchwarzWe've heard good things

We are pleased with our kitchen but the process to get here was not optimal. As may be normal we have since talked with several other families here in the new sub-division. From these talks I would suggest that you drop by Schwarz Schreinerei + Küchenstudio for a quote when choosing a kitchen.

P.S. Remember when roughing in your plumbing and electric to take a few pics of the work. There is a chance this may help at the time of installing your kitchen. Bon appetit!