Cut Vertical Support

Today on one of our German radio stations featured an interview with Nicolas Cage. One of his lines referred to the United States of America as the Bastion of Freedom of Speech. Cage's remarks read like they were written by a very self-righteous propaganda team. In one of his recent movies Cage is a fire-fighter working at the peace towers in New York on September 11, 2001. I have not yet seen the movie. I was busy putting notes on the cars parked outside the movie theater.

Did you check a couple of the links above?

Isn't the picture an interesting one? I fell trees for a number of years and if I wanted a tree to come straight down I would cut such an angled cut through its' stem. I've also emptied many big bottles of oxygen through the use of cutting torches. This upright that helped support the peace towers has been cut. Someone might argue that perhaps it was cut while the area was being cleaned up. If I was working on this site I certainly would not make such a cut. Such a sloped cut is dangerous and takes a lot more time to cut than cutting at a 90 degree angle. Check page 32 of this pdf out.

It is my opinion that this travesty done to the American people was orchestrated from within the United States by members of their own country. The main reasons being to gain popular support for the agenda of the political party, destroy evidence of wrong doing and opening the door for military actions when and where the US government feels them necessary. Here are some of the main points that have lead me to my opinion

If I have not got you thinking at this point just take a minute to hear the news. The US has pushed its' "War On Terror" throughout the world. Our freedoms are continually being reduced in the name of "War On Terror". The biggest terror problem our world has right now is the political direction of the United States of America government. The US has secured oil from Iraq but what about the quality of life the people there now face?

If the US government orchestrated 911 then what else are they capable of? How much of the news on terror has been directly or indirectly created by the actions of the US? People who consider or support investigations of 911 have their lives, jobs or both threatened. The media from The United States of America allows no freedom of speech on such topics. I wish that Mr. Cage travels the right circles because if he spoke with some of the people I work with, and wants his son to grow up patriotic, he might not let him learn what other cultures and societies think about the current actions of the USA.

12.03.2007 Well on the news today I heard about how the US has confined and quarantined their suspects for 911. Due to new legislation passed since 911 it appears the government has drastically reduced the rights of these persons and severely limited the access to them. If they would have any interesting opinions or stories to tell about 911 it is likely we will never hear about them. How convenient? Why should a terrorist (criminal) have his or her rights reduced more than any other criminal? Who is hiding what?

Once again, these are only my opinions from what common sense and knowledge I have learned in my life. It is another sad comment on the way groups of people can be controlled, and it happens again and again in human history. How can so many people believe such a story as Bin Laden being responsible for 911 despite the overwhelming evidence against such a possibility.

I believe that awareness is the first and obvious step towards improving the situation of man on this planet. Instead of building fences and expecting the worst from our neighbors we should practice forgiveness and compassion. Do you know any particular persons in Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan or any other of these troubled countries that you should hate or think less of? We all have families, loved ones and a desire to live as free individuals. The next time your TV, neighbor, college or family member spits some particular nasty venom out take a minute to ask yourself, "Where is this coming from?" and "Can I help this person or situation?".