Our Summer 2005 at Eagle Lake

They didn't warn me about this. They didn't even have a seat for me. At first I didn't even know what this thing was. My Mom and Dad sat down and then started spinning these foot pedals like they do on their bikes. Then this thing starts to move away from the dock and the one place where I thought I was safe. Since both of them were pedaling I couldn't sit on either of their laps. Well there was some room around this lever that they were both fighting for as we went around in circles. I got a hold on this lever and showed my parents how to drive this funny boat. The water and this strange rocking motion is something hard to explain. You can see the results of all this in the picture.
Well ya, if you portaged more than canoeing and got your parents back home safe, you might take a break as well. As you can see I am taking my break but, I am ready at a moments notice to dig right back in and bring this canoe back into control.
Well I just thought this thing was just a mean trick. At first it seemed fun but as I was climbing over to the side I found myself suddenly lying on the ground. The ground is hard you know. Later my mom showed me that if we were still and laid down in this thing it was very comfortable.
This is my step-sister "Fathom". She's cool. Can you see our resemblances? Well the resemblances are not so great now but when Fathom was my age we looked at lot more alike. My Dad sees the resemblances often. I didn't see so much of Fathom as she is very busy working in the summers. I hope next summer I get to see more of her.
Well there's not much to say here. With this much manpower in the water at one time there is not a shark in his right mind that would even think of attacking. That's my Gram pa in the middle.
This is my cousin Connor. He is helping me learn how to play with some really cool toys. He and his mom and dad sent me home to Germany with some super Canadian toys. I think we are going to have some great times playing at Eagle Lake over the years.
Well this is another one of those wet water experiences. They say you can sleep on one of these things as well. I'm not convinced! This thing wiggles and jiggles all over the place. My dad says that when you wear a scuba mask and float around some of the near parts of the lake you can see lots of things. Any time I got close enough to the edge of this thing I found myself under this thing. It's got a temperament, a little like the swinging bed hanging between the trees up on the shore.
Now this is a cool thing. I guess they call it a power-boat and they're right. I just can't wait to learn to drive this one. My dad tells me I've got to learn to drive the small ones first but I'm really going to jump at any chance to drive this one.
Here is a little better view of the boat. At this point my dad and his brother are telling fishing stories, at least that's what they told me to tell my mom. They didn't want me to tell about having beer in the boat or about telling me of some of their wild adventures on the lake, not that I will ever be wild, oh no.
Here is my Aunt Joan on the water skis. She didn't have as much fun as my mom skiing. She came up out of the water every time the boat took off. I guess since she wasn't having as much fun she took off one of her skis and went slalom (that's skiing with only one ski). Then she had more fun. I'm betting she will be skiing on one ski more this year.
My mom had lots of fun skiing. You should of heard her screaming and hooting when she stood up out of the water. This past summer was the first time my mom tried this sport. All of the neighbours heard about my moms success. My dad says that it brings life back to the neighbourhood. He screams a little too as he does some advanced gymnastics and flies through the air landing on his head in the water. I'm not sure from the look of it if it is safe but they seem to have fun.
Have you heard the saying about bigger boys liking bigger toys. That's my Dad playing on the lake. I don't need to go to an amusement park for fun rides I just need to convince my mom that I should go as co-pilot with my Dad.
Do you see that! This is a nice beach. My Dad says the beach is not quite as nice as it once was because there are lots of new lights there now. In Canada, according to the laws, you're not supposed to go skinny dipping in public places. That's a law my Dad has always had problems with. The beach is across the road from the store that my Mom water-skied to, to go shopping!
Well at the cottage the beach is not quite as sandy as down at the store. I have heard it rumoured that a friend of my Dad's is going to be asked to bring a whole dump truck load of sand for Connor and I to play with. I've also heard that the big boys might move some sand to the beach edge where we can build some huge sand castles.
The poor old sailboat that has survived my Dad and his brother Murray received a little TLC this year. Unfortunately the poor old boat seems to have some internal problems. I heard my Dad say something like the sailboat is almost ready for the bone-yard. What's a bone-yard? Can't be good I think.
Here's a boat I find cool. I'm doing my dry-land training here with Gram pa's kayak. These things are fast in the water and easy to paddle. When I'm older we are going to do some tours on Georgian Bay where the water is cold enough to make you awake really fast.
You know after a hard day at the lake with so much stress making it through dinner can be difficult. If any of you wondered about my brown eyes and who my father really is just note this picture. Now who do you think I take after. There are not many people in this world that can fall asleep at supper but I know two in our family.
Well it has been a great three weeks but the end is near. Here are the boys taking the docks out. 2005 was an incredible year at Eagle Lake.
As we flew away from Canada I just had to look back. I can see why my Dad misses it sometimes but from what I hear we will try to be back every summer. Take care you folks around Eagle Lake
There are so many beautiful things in this world. Please take time to appreciate those beautiful things in your life. See you around.