Kevin in Hot TubIn Training

Do you remember the picture of my Dad in the public Christmas market hottub? Well, there are not too many people that have joined him there in the last couple years. That means that soon Levion and I will have to take up the slack. Yes, this Christmas Dad and I have trained well. Do you notice how well we have fogged up Mom's camera? Dad says that if I get some more meat on my bones in the coming years I can soon join him at the public Christmas bath!

If you are new to our site check out the link to "Our Ytong House". This will be our "Year Of The House". We are currently waiting for the paper-work to be finished so we can start building our new house. The link will take you to our pages that will be regularly updated. If you are thinking of building and want to save your pennies look here for some good tips on Ytong Do-It-Yourself.

Did you know that if my Dad gets the roof on the house before July 1st. I will be getting my first electric train set? I have even convinced my Dad he should get one too so we can start our own line. I'll be keeping you all posted.